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Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh Shimla,  India

Title: Physico-Chemical Controlled Approach to Study the Behavior of surfactant (SDS) in Aqueous Solutions of Polymers


Taken into consideration the importance of polymer-surfactant system, in present we have discussed the intermolecular interactions present in solution containing sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) in six different solvent concentrations of polymer and their mixtures in their mass ratio (1g PEG (m1), 0.8:0.2 PEG/PVP (m2), 0.6:0.4 PEG/PVP (m3), 0.4:0.6 PEG/PVP (m4), 0.2:0.8 PEG/PVP (m5) and 1g PVP (m6) in 100 ml of distilled water) having molal concentration correspond to 1.66 mmol·kg-1, 1.38 mmol·kg-1, 1.10 mmol·kg-1, 0.81 mmol·kg-1, 0.53 mmol·kg-1 and 0.25 mmol·kg-1, respectively. It suffices to mention here that the concentration (molality) corresponds to the total polymer content in the solution. All the measurements were carried out at three different temperatures, i.e. 293.15, 303.15 and 313.15 K. The whole experiment was carried out with techniques like surface tension, viscosity and refractive index measurements. Different parameters of relevance like surface excess, minimum area per molecule at air-water interface, relative viscosity, viscous relaxation time and limiting dielectric constant etc. have been evaluated from surface tension, viscosity and refractive index measurements. This persistence of the surface tension beyond the critical micelle concentration (CMC) appears to suggest that the aggregate formation in the presence of the PEG or PVP or their blends is sufficiently large. The close approximated value of relative viscosity to the unity implies that the conformational changes in the polymer are minimal. The refractive index measurements further reveal that overall polarizability of the studied systems increases with an increase in the amount of polymer in the solution.


Dr. Kundan Sharma is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry Govt. College Paonta Sahib, an affiliated college of Himachal Pradesh University Shimla, India. Previously, he had served in the Department of Applied Chemistry, Amity University Noida (Delhi NCR) from July 2014 to March 2017 in the same capacity. He was selected as Postdoctoral fellow at University of Helsinki, Finland in Dec. 2016. He holds a Master and a PhD degree in Chemistry from Himachal Pradesh University Shimla (India) where he was awarded with the meritorious fellowship for doctoral study in Basic Scientific Research by University Grant Commission (Govt. of India) in 2012. He is the recipient of Young Scientist grant (of Department of Science & Technology) to attend conference at University of Regensburg, Germany in April, 2016. He holds the Gold Medal for M. Phil. Examination in 2011. He cleared the national eligibility test conducted by CSIR in Chemical Science in Dec. 2010. He has published 21 international papers so far in Scopus and SCI indexed journals such as The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, RSC Advances, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data (ACS), Colloid and Surfaces A, Journal of Molecular Liquids etc. He has delivers lectures in various national and international conferences and served as reviewers in wide range of international journals. In 2016, he had been given recognized reviewer status by The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics (Elsevier). Currently, he is working on the advanced drug delivery devices via self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers using physico-chemical controlled approach.

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