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Dr.  Khaled  Habib
Materials Science and Photo-Electronics Lab., RE Program, EBR Center,  Kuwait

Title: Electrochemical Parameters of Aluminum Oxide Film in Situ During Anodization of Aluminum by White light-Optical Interferometry


A combination of Fabry-Pérot interferometry, i.e., white light-optical interferometry, and the DC electrochemical method have been used for the first time, in situ, to measure the aluminum oxide film thickness, and anodic current density of aluminum oxide films in 0,6, and 10% sulfuric acid solutions (H2SO4). The calculated values of the anodic current density by Fabry-Pérot interferometry were verified by the DC electrochemical method and the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The corresponding thickness of the aluminum oxide film to the anodic current density was determined by Fabry-Pérot interferometry under a potentiostatic potential of 9 V with respect to the open circuit potential of the aluminum samples in the H2SO4 solutions, for 90 minutes. The obtained thickness of the aluminum samples by Fabry-Pérot interferometry was verified by scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and compared to values that were obtained by the EIS. The calculated anodic current density by Fabry-Pérot interferometry was found in agreement with those of the DC electrochemical method. In contrast, the calculated anodic current density by Fabry-Pérot interferometry was found in a slight discrepancy with data obtained by the EIS.


Dr. Khaled Habib holds a Ph.D in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the Optical Science and Technological Center of University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA, 1988. Mr.Habib was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Chemical Engineering Dept., and Materials science Dept., of the Technical University of Aachen, Aachen, Germany, 1991-1992. Mr. Habib specializes in “Laser optical interferometry as non-destructive testing (NDT) methods of materials evaluation in corrosive media”. Mr. Habib has in his credit more than 131 articles in international refereed journals in his area of specialization. He is a fellow of the international Society of Photo- electronics and Optics (SPIE),( http://spie.org/x38.xml). Also, he is a member fellow of the international Corrosion Council (ICC),( http://www.icc net.org/ICCmembers_Kuwait.html). In addition, he is a Member of the editorial board of the Journals of Corrosion Science and Technology(j-cst.org/sub/committee.asp) and the Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering (A & B)( http://www.davidpublishing.org/journals_info.asp?jId=993#). Dr.Habib has been selected to be a reviewer for International Journals such as;The Applied Optics, Journal of Optics and Lasers in Engineering,Journal of Optics and Lasers Technology,Optical Engineering, Journal of Electrochemical Society, Corrosion Science Journal, Journal of Composite Science and Technology, The Composite B journal, Surface and Coatings Technology, Electrochemica Acta, Key Engineering Materials, Journal of Marine Science and Technology,The Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society,The International Journal of Communication Systems,Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, and Annual Proposal Evaluations (2004/2005 &2005/2006) for CIMAT, Santiago de Chile, Chile.

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