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Prof.  M. Indira  Devi
Nagaland University,  India

Title: Computation of energy interaction, intensity as well as thermodynamic parameters for the Interaction of Ln (III) with Nucleic acid components: Theoretical studies through 4f-4f transition spectra as P


Nucleosides and Nucleotides are polydentate ligands, offering potential binding sites for metal ions. Polential centres of interaction with metal ions and bioligands (such as polyamines occurring in living cells) are N (I) and N (7) atoms from the purine base, the N(3) atom from the Pyrimidine base and oxygen atoms from the phosphate groups of nucleotides. The interaction of Ln (III) with nucleotides and nucleotides has been attracted much attention due to the realization that the metabolically active forms of many nucleotides are one in which a metal ion is co-ordinated. Again the second motive has been to use peramgnetic lanthanide in NMR spectroscopic investigations aimed at determining the solution structure of these molecules. Energy interaction parameters: Slater Condon Fk(cm¯¹), Spin Orbit interaction (cm¯¹), Nephelauxetic Ratio (β), Bonding (b½) and Co-valency (δ) parameter for the interaction of Pr(III) with Nucleosides and Nucleotides are evaluated to study the mode of binding of the Nucleic Acid Components with Pr(III). Further Intensity Parameters like Oscillation Strength and Judd Ofelt Parameter (T2,T4,T6) have been evaluated to investigate degree of inner or outer sphere co-ordination of Pr(III) with Nucliec Acid ligands. Comperative Absorption Spectra in different solvents substantiate the informations, gathered from the evaluated values of both energy interaction and intensity parameters. Further evaluation of Thermodynamic parameters through Kinetic studies enable to provide the detailed information of the complexation process of neucleosides and nucleotides with Pr(III).


Prof. M. Indira Devi is presently working as Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Dean, School of Sciences, Nagaland University (India). Previously she was working as Research Associate at Central Salt & Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI), Bhavnagar, Gujarat (INDIA). She has Master Degree in Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Specialized) from South Gujarat University, Surat (INDIA) and Ph.D. degree on the Lanthanide Spectral Studies from Bhavnagar University, Gujarat under CSMCRI. She has produced Ph. D. Scholars, published research papers both at National & International journals, books and conference proceedings including journal citation Reports. She is a reviewer of international research journals. Currently, she is interested research on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Lanthanide-Complexes in medicinal applications, Nano chemistry of Lanthanides in medicinal and biochemistry approach and Analysis of heavy metals of the water samples from remote areas of Nagaland (INDIA) to sustain Environment & Ecology.

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