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Prof.  Airong  Li
Southwest Petroleum University,  China

Title: Preparation of highly stable paraffin wax-water emulsions using different emulsifier mixtures and its properties for heat-transfer


In solar thermal management systems (TMS), phase change material emulsions (PCMEs) were focused as an intermediate medium to achieve efficient heat utilization. Hence, paraffin wax with a melting point (Tm) of 55 ℃ was used as the phase change material to prepare PCME samples by using an ultrasonic mixed film forming method. The thermal properties of PCME samples prepared by Steareth-100/Steareth-2 (PCME-S) and Tween80/Span60 (PCME-T) emulsifiers were investigated using a differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). PCME-S showed a low supercooling and its maximum specific heat capacity was 9.136 J/g·K at 55 °C. The thermal stability was evaluated by a serial of heating and cooling cycles. PCME-S had significantly better thermal stability and the particle size distribution remained nearly same after 480 heating and cooling cycles. Besides, the electrical conductivity, corrosiveness and rheological properties of PCME-S were determined. Moreover, PCME-S had a low viscosity of 2.17 mPa·s at 55 °C with a shear rate of 100 s-1. Finally, the evaluation of heat-transfer presented that PCME-S had a higher efficiency than water, and the ideal pump power ratio PPCME-S/PWater was 0.33.

Keywords: Paraffin wax; Steareth-100/Steareth-2; Phase change material emulsions; Thermal stability; Specific heat capacity


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