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Prof.  Martin  Scherer
Department of General Practice and Primary care,University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf,  Germany

Title: Evidence-based challenges in multimorbidity


There are a variety of definitions of multimorbidity, from the simple counting of diagnoses to the use of complex indices that account for disease severity and drug therapy, biopsychosocial and somatic risk factors. They all have in common that multimorbidity is defined as the simultaneous presence of several chronic diseases, with no one disease initially taking priority. In contrast, if one disease is dominant (called index disease), the term co-morbidity is often used. A major methodological challenge is to find a balance between not getting lost in the thousands of different disease combinations and formulating recommendations that are useful in everyday clinical practice. This presentation will outline the evidence-based challenges of multimorbidity. The risks and opportunities in the development of guidelines on multimorbidity will be described and a best-case scenario for multimorbidity management for the care of the future will be outlined.


Current Positions

Director (W3 Professor) & Head Physician, Department of General Practice and Primary care, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf


1993-1999  Study of human medicine (MD), Marburg, Wien, Paris

2000  Dissertation in human medicine (Dr. med.)
2004  Certified primary care physician (Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin)

2008  Habilitation in General Practice and Primary Care (Priv.-Doz.)

Professional Positions
2004-2009  Senior physician, Institute of Psychosomatic and General Clinical Medicine, University Medical Center Heidelberg, Germany
2009  W-2 endowed professorship for Health Services Research and its Methods, Institute of Social Medicine, University of Lübeck
2010  Head of the Institute of Social Medicine, University of Lübeck
2006-2018  Guideline coordinator of the German College of General Practitioners (DEGAM)
2010-2018  Vice president of the German College of General Practitioners (DEGAM)
Since 2011  W-3 endowed professorship Department of General Practice and Primary care
2015-2020  Chief-editor Hamburger Ärzteblatt

2019  President German of the College of General Practitioners (DEGAM)

Research Interests

Since 1996  Development and implementation of guidelines and quality indicators; Health services and clinical research in an ambulatory setting; Chronic diseases and multimorbidity

Selected Awards

2009  Dr. Lothar-Beyer-Preis German College of General Practitioners (DEGAM)

Third Party Funding
Received grants from the following Funding Bodies: German Research Foundation (DFG),  German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg (KVH), Institute for Quality and Efficiency of Health Care(IQWIG), German College of General Practitioners (DEGAM)

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